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Sophie giraffe- A great companion!

       Every timeyour little one nibbles on something, your heart skips a beat! Teething troubles can be very stressful for parents. Most of us find it difficult to search for a safe and reliable teething toys when our toddlers reach that age! Sterilization and toxicity are two major issues that plague parents. Nevertheless, A plethora of great teething toys are now available and are safe too! Teething starts around the age of 1 and continues till your child turns 4. It is very essential to get the right toy for your child because you don't want them to end up with gastric infections and allergies. Want to gift something exciting to your baby? Then you should order Sophie teether and we will tell you why.

sophie giraffe

         Sophie giraffe teether is a very famous teething toy and well known worldwide. It dates back to 1961 when Sophie  was born on May 25th in Paris. It became a star overnight. Indeed, designing teething toys based on animals is a great idea for kids. It is very easy to order these toys on line. In fact, you can even help your little one learn more about animals by using these toys. It also helps them to develop better cognitive skills and stimulate their mental abilities.

What makes Sophie stand apart from the crowd?

      Kids are always attracted to colorful toys and they would love to constantly hold things in their hands. Nothing can compete with this toy in its appearance. The attractive brown spots are sure to catch your toddler's eyes! It helps them to bond better with their play environment and helps to improve their sensory skills.

     How many many times did you look around helplessly to distract your cranky child? A squeak from Sophie giraffe will work wonders! This funny noise will definitely amuse your little one and helps to stimulate his or hearing hearing abilities.

     It's ergonomic design is comfortable for your children because it enables them to get a good grasp in their tiny hands! It is light weight and can be easily held in hands thanks to sophie's long and slender neck! It is also said that children develop better emotional response when they bond with their toys! It stimulates their over all health too!

    This teether has an acceptable smell too! Made from exquisite Hevea rubber, your child will love the natural feel of this toy!Children are easily attracted to substances that taste good! It has an inert taste which is widely accepted by most kids. All the parts of this toy are chewable and very safe. The soft texture has a soothing effect on your kid's inflamed gums.

Is Sophie safe for kids?

     Most of us always worry about the safety of teethers and prefer not to buy substances made of plastic and other synthetic polymers. They may have good odor but over a period of them, because of constant chewing and nibbling by your kids, the base paint can erode and ultimately expose your kid to the risk of toxicity. Some children may end up with dangerous allergies which can sometimes be life threatening. But, Worry not. It is made from natural sap of Hevea rubber tree which is completely safe. It does not contain synthetic additives and is coated with natural food paint which is suitable for continuous chewing. It is very rare for children to develop allergy to rubber and this toy is especially child friendly and can be used without having to worry about toxicity.

Where can you get this toy?

      This popular teether is now readily available online and in your local toy stores too! You can buy online on sites like or place an order in your local baby shops. They are priced reasonably and you will not regret your choice after seeing the effect it will have on your child. Sophie Giraffe has essentially not changed over the years and is still the most favorite teething toy amongst many toddlers! Although it was first introduced in France, it has gained more popularity in the US.

     Thus, Sophie the giraffe teether is a timeless toy which is loved by parents and kids alike. Don't miss out the glee on your little one's face when she or he hears the squeak of sophie Giraffe. Go ahead and gift your baby the greatest joy of childhood!

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